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Getting the House Ready for Winter

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Source:  NY Times / By RONDA KAYSEN / NOV. 3, 2017 This fall has been a balmy one, but winter is coming. For homeowners living in colder climates, the waning hours of daylight signal the time to start readying the home for snowy days and bitter nights ahead. Like a car, a home needs a regular tuneup: Heating systems need maintenance, chimneys need sweeping and windows need caulking. But keep on top of the hefty to-do list, and the chores become a routine you dutifully follow every year. “When it starts getting a little cold, we go into gear,” said Jenet Levy, 60, who has lived in a...

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InFoPaK Real Estate Brochure and Flyer Boxes

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Spring is here and the home buying season is starting to sizzle.  Do not be left unprepared.  Real Estate Info Box .com is the number choice for real estate proffessionals across the country when it comes purchasing InFoPaK flyer boxes. InFoPaK Flyer Boxes can hold up to 200 pieces of paper and can attach to any type of real estate sign or even fencing. Plus you get free UPS Ground Shipping in the continental United...

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InFoPaK Real Estate Flyer Boxes $4.99 each w/ Free UPS Shipping

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Real Estate Info Box .com Order 20 or more InFoPaK Real Estate Flyer Boxes and they are only $4.99 each with FREE UPS Ground Shipping for orders in the continental United States.

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