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$850,000 homes in Indiana, Louisiana and California

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Source:  New York Times Michigan City, Ind. WHAT A 2007 home with three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms HOW MUCH $859,000 SIZE 2,325 square feet PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT $369 SETTING This low-slung house sits on a quiet lot about a mile from Lake Michigan and its beaches. It is about six miles from the center of Michigan City, which has a population of about 31,000 people and is currently undergoing a revitalization that includes the development of an arts district. It is about 70 miles east of Chicago. INDOORS Designed by the Chicago-based architecture firm Brininstool & Lynch, the...

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NY Times: Five Things to Remember Before You Renovate

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Source: “Five Things to Remember Before Renovating” May 29, 2015 • Make sure you know your building’s alteration rules, including what and when you’re allowed to renovate. • Find an architect and contractor that you really like: You’ll be seeing a lot of them. • How long will it take? Probably longer than you think: Add a few months for the inevitable delays involved in securing approvals from your building’s board and the Department of Buildings. And be sure to set clear deadlines; keep your contractor motivated by tying payments to progress. •...

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Real Estate Agent & Mortgage Broker Co-Marketing

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Real Estate Brochure Boxes are an essential ingredient for promoting homes and property. They are a great way to advertise your listing and your services. Anytime you can have someone read an advertisement about yourself or point them to your website is a golden opportunity. Smart real estate professionals take every opportunity to show your customers that you are using every promotional tool at your disposal. Don’t pay full cost for flyer boxes anymore. Chances are you or your company is already teamed up with a local mortgage broker or bank. Make an agreement with them to equally share...

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