Co-marketing for Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Brochure Boxes are an essential ingredient for promoting homes and property. They are a great way to advertise your listing and your services. Anytime you can have someone read an advertisement about yourself or point them to your website is a golden opportunity.

Smart real estate professionals take every opportunity to show your customers that you are using every promotional tool at your disposal.

Don’t pay full cost for flyer boxes anymore. Chances are you or your company is already teamed up with a local mortgage broker or bank. Make an agreement with them to equally share the cost of brochure boxes and printing of sales flyers.

RESPA does not prevent joint advertising between two settlement service providers, such as a mortgage banker and a real estate broker advertising their services on the same brochure or newspaper ad. However, each advertising party must pay for his share on a proportionate basis.

So if a real estate broker equally shares ad space with a title company, each party must pay 50 percent of the ad cost. Paying more than the pro-rata share can be considered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as “accepting a thing of value” for the referral of business, which is a violation of RESPA’s Section 8 anti-kickback provision.


Format one side of the sales flyer with information about the listing, yourself and your company. On the reverse side, have the mortgage broker or bank format their information.

Both you and the mortgage professional benefit from increased exposure and reduced expense, while the consumer benefits from the 
convenience of having the information they need in their hands.

Bringing in a co-marketer to share the expense is the easy and intelligent way to keep your marketing budget under control.

Note: Do a double check of RESPA and state laws as they do change from time to time before proceeding with a co-marketing agreement.