Automobile Dealers



The InFoPaK brochure box is the ideal

sales tool for auto dealers to promote
their vehicles.

InFoPaK’s are easy to modify to meet your
needs and fit onto any vehicles window.

Automobile dealer’s love the ease of using the InFoPaK to display sales flyers and
special event promotions.

The InFoPaK can be easily attached to a
vehicle’s window with double sided tape,
suction cups or a nylon strap.

Note: These photos are for illustration
purposes only. InFoPaK’s do not come
with any accessories except the basic
components as outlined on the home page.


Jan 11 2010 004

The InFoPaK is the perfect sales tool for car dealers to utilize as a 24/7 sales agent. Never again will you have to let a potential buyer visit your sales lot and walk away empty handed. A smartly designed sales filer can open up the sales process and lead to more satisfied customers and more sales.

Here are the some of the benefits from using the InFoPaK brochure box as a marketing sales tool:

1. Incredibly affordable…by far the least expensive marketing tool at your disposal

2. Effective…effective for the same reasons that millions of real estate professionals use outdoor brochure boxes – allows the dealer to give prospective buyers essential information about the vehicle including features, special finance offers and much more.

3. Promotes the Dealership…provides for the opportunity to advertise the dealership while including pertinent contact and business information.

4. Spread the Word…easily allows potential car shoppers to show family and friends (or recommend ) the vehicle(s) they are interestedin purchasing.

5. Give Car Shoppers a Reason to Stop…attract serious car shoppers and tire kickers by giving them a no hassle/low pressure way to cruise your sales lot. Provides an easy lead in for your sales force to approach prospects.